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First Principle of Marketing

2500 years ago, Sun Tzu first set down the principles of war. Just as applying the knowledge of Sun Tzu’s principles of war can empower victory on a battlefield, applying the knowledge of the principles of marketing can empower victory in business.

The first of those principles is Results Rule. Period.

On the face of it, this kind of makes sense. If something gets results, it is effective. If it doesn’t get results, it isn’t effective. Unfortunately – this is one of those places where a BFO – Blinding Flash of the Obvious – tends to occur. Right now, when I say “results” there may be a number of things that come to mind. I believe that after we talk about it, however, from now on when you hear “marketing results” only one thing – the obvious thing – will come to mind.

When you look on Google for “how to measure marketing effectiveness” you get all sorts of suggestions: Unique visitors, Page views, Search Engine Traffic, Bounce Rate, Inbound links, Comments, Social chatter, referral links, likes, shares, tweets, reach, frequency, gross rating points, views, and 122 million others (according to my search)

But think about it for just a minute. Your business is your primary source of income. You can’t pay your car payment with page views or buy groceries with likes or cover your house payment with gross rating points. In the end, for owner/operated businesses like yours – if it doesn’t make a profit, it isn’t worth anything.

Likes, views, clicks, impressions, or any other measure is a far second to “how much profit did it make…” From now on, when you think of marketing remember this first commandment – and remember “Results” is spelled with two dollar signs…

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